Tuesday, July 14, 2009

My God awful response


yes.. i know.. i suck at updating... thanks doreen, thanks Nat.. for informing me..hahahaha..

So, just to make our lives more miserable... I'm going to try to update again..hahahhaa..

But, I have been seriously contemplating to just upload photos of stuff on facebook, and close this blog... afterall, i suck at updating, right? hahaha.. and its always more fun to see pictures..hahaha..

and too many hahahahas get boring.. right?? hahaha..

Or should I maintain this blog just for the fun of it.. i feel soooo guilty if i don't entertain my 3 fans...

how lah dei... I got stories, I got imagination, I got talent.. but I don't got time... apamacam?

Oh, and in other developments... Inverted Coma's debut single "Miracles", has hit the Campur Charts on Fly FM, debutting at #10. Lets see how it goes from here on...

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