Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Osaka Trip summary

So, after promising to bring Moon to Japan for our Honeymoon and then delaying it for almost 4 years, we finally made it to Japan this year! WOOOO HOOOO!!!!!

Long story short on the circumstances of our honeymoon delay, we finally made the jump early this year by purchasing our flight tix with Airasia when the prices were pretty good. We booked the tickets some time in February 2012 , departing flight on the 29th of October, returning on the 7th of November 2012. A good 8 months in advance.... Well worth the wait I would say... Well, there's tonnes of things I have to say, but let's leave that for later on...

Over the coming weeks, I will be detailing out our entire experience, complete with photographs, itinerary, budget, cost breakdown, more photographs, tips, guides, lessons learnt and even more photographs, for anyone and everyone's reference.

For the time being, I'd like to just give a quick summary on the trip & costs (these were some of the number one questions raised by buddies).

Well, we had an AWESOME time in Japan. It was everything we expected and more! The weather was just great (Cooling enough for us to wear more clothes than normal, but not that cold that we had to buy proper winter clothing)...

For anyone who hasn't been to Japan, if you have the opportunity to go, GO! It is well worth every penny, every minute of waiting, every effort in planning and preparation.

As for costs, I have to admit, we were lucky on a few fronts, i.e. Airasia (So we saved on flight tickets), Accommodation costs (we managed to get a pretty decent place for dirt cheap), we didn't really go on too much of a spending spree, Osaka (I believe) is generally a cheaper holiday than say Tokyo or Hokaido, and we stuck to Osaka and a few neighbouring provinces, not venturing much further (It was a conscious decision we made to spend more time in one location rather than rush through a few).

Also Self planning isn't really that difficult. As I found out first hand, there's tonnes of resources on Japan available in English, and specifically to assist tourist with their planning. The subways are extremely efficient (heck, everyone and almost everything in Japan is efficient).

I'm gonna close off this entry with the overall spending for this trip.(The figures are roughly rounded to RM100)

  • Flight Costs (To & Fro X 2 person): RM1,800
  • Accommodations (9 nights at Osaka + 1 night at Kyoto): RM1,700
  • Transport in Japan : RM 1,300
  • Food : RM2,100
  • Entrance Fees : RM800
  • Buying Stuff : RM4,000
Overall total : RM11,700
For 10 Days, 9 Nights, For 2 people, inclusive all meals, transport, entrance fees, and buying stuff.

If I minus the buying stuff, it's only RM7,700 FOR TWO PEOPLE!!! Self planning really saves you a ton of money!

Will provide the breakdown & then my itinerary soon! Cheers people!

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Kanasai Jay said...

Dude ... didn't know you were blogging again. Welcome back~!